Pay Per Click & Google Ads

PPC & Google Ads

Pay Per Click & Google Ads

We are thinking from the prospect of our clients, it is not like we are only running the campaign we are always doing market analysis and based on that we are running campaign we are always thinking from the prospect of our customers because they are the one who can make the campaign successful and best. We are always giving best to serve our clients better because we are believing in long-term relationships we have served so many clients and they are satisfied with our service. Our main goal is to make our client satisfaction.

PPC advertisement can also be done with social media ads like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn. In pay-per-click Advertisers can create for any of the demographics. Research is very important part of PPC and the PPC manager must have to do Proper R&D before starting the campaign for the any of the clients where they provide service. Choosing the right platform is also very important while running the campaign and getting relevant lead is much more important. Testing campaign with different formats and targeting is also a good option when it comes to pay per click, it will give more clarity towards the Campaign.

  • Quick Market Capture

    With our PPC Ad management, your business will grow and the relevant leads will be generated for your business

  • Better Return

    We Ensure our clients to get the best result through the PPC campaign we do proper market research before staring the campaign

  • Location Specific Ads

    We are running location specific Ads also which will help our clients to grow


  • Target Exact customers who are looking for service
  • Get Faster Results
  • High Returns

PPC enables the website to rank higher on the search result, below are the most important part of the PPC.

  1. PPC gives the relevant leads to the business in most of situations because the user is getting the result of the service which they are looking for, for example, if anyone is looking for a taxi service in Dubai and when they will search for the best taxi service in Dubai then google will first show the paid campaign relevant details and it will be beneficial to the business and visitor both because at the end customer and both will get the relevant details.
  2. A Well-structured campaign is cost-effective and provides the desired results for the business.
  3. PPC makes constant traffic on the platform of business.
  4. PPC Can also help in brand building, PPC will maximize the option to reach out to those individuals who are not aware of the brands.
  5. With PPC every result can be measured for Ex if any company run a campaign in any country or region, a business can measure each click like how many new visitors have visited the website and the number of conversion leads can also be measured for any campaign.
  6. PPC can be run and stopped at any point in time, if any business wants to run their campaign on any specific day then they can run.


Through Pay Per click, customer behavior results can also be measured, like in any case if businesses are getting the desired results that simply means that their campaign is successful, but in any case, if businesses are not getting the desired results then the PPC manager must have to check the aspects of PPC again to make the campaign successful.

Cost per click and click Through rate is also playing an essential role when it comes to PPC. CPC directly indicates the budget and the conversion ratio. CTR help to get the evaluation of the targeted audience.

  • Before creating the PPC campaign below points must be checked and verified:
  • Parameters must be set before the campaign.
  • Google analytics and tracking must be checked before the campaign.
  • In-depth keyword research is mandatory as it will be crucial.
  • Targeted countries must be checked and verified before the campaign.
  • Observation of the campaign will be a must as it will give a clear indication to business that campaign is successful or not.
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