Android App Development

Android App Development

Android App Development

At Monday Software, we have a team of experienced developers with over 15 years of experience who have successfully completed numerous projects. Our developers are highly skilled and capable of delivering exceptional results across various industries. Client satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Android application development involves creating software that runs on Android devices and emulators. This includes the development of APK files, which stands for Android Package Kit. APK files contain the application's code, resource information, and meta information. The code for Android applications can be written in languages such as Kotlin, Java, or C++. These codes run inside a virtual machine, and Android Studio is the commonly used development environment.

Android Application code can be written in the below language.

  • Kotlinn

  • Java

  • C++

The choice of tech stack is crucial in Android application development. At Monday Software, we ensure high-quality code and application design to prevent crashes and issues. We utilize languages like Java and Kotlin, along with Android Studio for development. Additionally, libraries such as Retrofit, OKHTTP, Glide, and Picasso can be used to enhance the functionality of Android apps. The backend can be created using technologies like Node.js and Laravel.

Our Process

  • Gathering the requirements from the Client is our top priority, because this will be the main thing, our team of experts is getting the requirement and after that, we are moving forward to the next steps. Our team is also sharing the detailed document with the clients so that they can also have detailed information.

  • When we are coming to the second step we are sharing multiple designs with our clients and based on the client feedback we are making changes in designs UI &UX playing key roles when it comes to user experience. Once the design is final and approved by the client we are making our steps in the dev phase.

  • After the second step, we are reviewing the design first and make the design in Android development. Once we start the development then we first review the documentation of the work which is discussed with the client and then we start development At Monday software we are always keeping code quality good.

  • After the completion of complete Development, our development team is doing the testing of the application first then they are sharing the application to the testing team, testing team provides final confirmation then we share build with client also so they can review app, After the approval we push live.

Why Android App required

In today's world, applications play a crucial role in various industries. There are multiple reasons why businesses and customers find Android apps essential. For businesses, it provides an easy way to engage with customers and offer services or products. Customers also prefer using applications as it saves time compared to visiting a website. Applications provide quick access to desired services and products. Industries such as logistics, food delivery, taxi services, marketplaces, rentals, and hospitality systems witness a higher demand for applications compared to websites.

Latest Tech stack for android application development

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Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire Dedicated Android Application developers.

We offer dedicated developers for your application development needs. Hiring dedicated developers provides numerous benefits for companies, including:

  1. Flexibility in working as per your requirements
  2. Transparent communication throughout the development process
  3. Non-disclosure agreements to protect your project's confidentiality
  4. Budget-friendly options tailored to your specific needs
  5. 24/7 support and availability
  6. Expert developers with deep knowledge of Android app development
  7. Faster completion of projects

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